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  • Yoga helped to improve my posture. My scoliosis has improved. Chandani
  • Yoga enhanced my body awareness. I am more mindful of my choices. Yoga lessened my pain. Maria
  • Continued holding of my Yoga Asanas has increased my strength, stamina and power. Gabriella
  • Yoga has helped me to regain my flexibility which I had lost due to injury and ageing. My shoulders, neck and knees no longer feel stiff. Abeer
  • Yoga Sun Salutatons has increased my cardiovascular fitness. Its given me happy hips. I am planning to climb Mount Everest. It’s a stress buster too. Maria
  • Yoga has improved my digestive health and I said bye bye to my IBS. It’s great for my Immune system. Chakra


I have been practicing [email protected] with Sunita for last six years. I feel a great improvement in my neck and back pain . I like the fact that she touches on the relevant topics of my life and shares them through the yoga wisdom in meditation. I don’t have any back pain and I hardly feel my s curve when I keep practising. Yoga is great for my posture and I like to work with Sunita. Chandani

Oh a skateboard and me and it was a nightmare to be twisted in your knee cap and surgeries. I feel that kalpana and specially Sri has really worked on my knees and I feel that I am no longer so stiff and my hips actually feel better and I feel I am in a good space in my body. I believe that the private class really works for me. Mara

I enjoy the classes at Gems of Yoga. I feel that I am working and doing asanas that test my endurance . I like a good sweat and I enjoy the intensity of the class. I would like to come more than twice a week but my work does not allow more classes at the moment. Maybe after I find more time I can come more and work on myself. Gabriella

I would like to thank Gems Of Yoga for providing the Yoga for my children and I will never forget how sunita did my hip conditioning specially after dragging the tyres on the beach and climbing stairs 19 floors up and down the stairs with 2 gallons of water everyday. I could finally climb Everest and support my children of Maria Christina Foundation. Maria

I feel so nice when I come to Yoga at Gems Of Yoga. Its been a struggle to raise a special child who is now completely normal and being a single women working in sales has been very demanding. To get up at 04.00 am and finish work by 07.00 pm. But I look forward to do my yoga from 07.00pm- 08.00 pm. Its helped me a lot with my acidity and IBS and I feel more happy and healthy. I feel I have more energy when I do Yoga. Infact I am thinking to follow Sunita’s suggestion and carve a Yoga for special child career for me. Chakra

Gems of Yoga Studio Safety

Our GOY community is our family—and like all families, we take care of each other. We sat down to put new safety measures in place that go beyond the guidelines, and this is just a start. We have a few more upgrades in the works, and as we learn more, we’ll be constantly fine-tuning and updating this page with the latest information.
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