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200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training (Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga)

Gems Of Yoga Teacher Training RYT200 hrs. accredited by Yoga Professionals UK

Gems Of Yoga Teacher Training is committed to help you finding the teacher in you through a multi range of subjects introduced in the training

Committed to Quality

The Gems Of Yoga 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training programme, held primarily in Dubai, is one of a kind. We take in students from all walks of life, guide them through techniques, styles and theories to enable them to practise safely and teach their future students confidently. Students will practise asanas (yoga postures) and variations (about 100 of them), and learn their Sanskrit names and origins. These standards are not compromised and are maintained across all batches. ( Asnan, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha).

Better Career Opportunities

Graduates of our 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training programme command a higher starting salary or private class fees due to the impressive standards set by Gems Of Yoga Master trainers. Our graduates are viewed as premium teachers in the industry, inspiring students with attention to detail, proper alignment and steady breath patterns.

What is covered?

Our Yoga Teacher Training consists of 9 cohorts. The structure and topics covered are as follows:

COHORT V: Scientific Foundations Of Yoga


Scientific Foundations Of Yoga

Chapter 1-          Body Reading

Chapter 2-          Common Postural Misallignment

Chapter 3 –         Physiology Of Breathing

Chapter 4 –         Skeletal System

Chapter 5 –         Muscular System

Chapter 6 –          Respiratory System

Chapter 7-           Digestive System

Chapter 8 –         Nervous System

Chapter 9 –          Endocrine System

Chapter 10-         Haemostasis

Chapter 11-         Lymphatic System

Chapter 12-         Integumentary System

Chapter 13-         The yogic view of therapy

Chapter 14 –        Yoga & Ayurveda

Master the Manual: 

Multiple Choice Questions

Fill in the Blanks

Match the right Choices

Who should do it?

Those keen on understanding the depth of multistyles and philosophy of yoga and creating differential in their teaching with a balance of science and art of yoga through the principle of Brain and Heart, Extension and Expansion.

Those keen to teach yoga or pursue a yoga career.

Those who want to get an in-depth understanding of the science and philosophy of yoga.

Fitness professionals who do not have a formal yoga certification.

For anyone who wants to learn yoga.


None at all  (For beginners, it is recommended that you attend at least 3 months of Yoga Classes at our school to get familiarised with the practice.) Please note that your training is inclusive of 3 months unlimited yoga practice at Gems Of Yoga.

No minimum or maximum weight or height

All can be taught

If you have any medical conditions, please email us to consult our Master Teachers prior to registration.

Why Gems Of Yoga?

We are the first yoga institution in Dubai to start the internationally recognised 200hr, 300hr yoga teacher training programmes in Dubai.

Our Master Trainers are experienced in various yoga techniques for meditation, yoga therapy for diseases, etc to cater to different groups of people.

All our teachers are all professionals and insured with professional liability insurance.

Students of any background can enroll in our programmes – even those without any prior experience in the practice of yoga.


3 months 2 Different Schedules

  1. a) Weekday (Sun to Thurs), 10.00am – 1.00pm ( 180 hours)

Study/assignment (2 hrs weekly) : 24 hours

  1. b) Weekend (Fridays & Sat), 12.00pm- 8.00 pm (192 hours)

(10 hours in assignment)

Total: 200 hours

Check Reservations


Early bird (Register 12 weeks before the start date of the course): AED 13,500/-

Standard fees: AED 15,500/- payable as follows:

Application fee submission: Dhs 550/-, 3 installments of Dhs 4999/- in first week of the month for 3 months.

These are the course fees for the yoga teacher training course in Dubai. Course fees for teacher training workshops outside Dubai differ.

The fees include the course fee, trainee teacher registration fee with Yoga Alliance Professionals, two books (Asana, Pranayama ,Mudra Bandha and Hatha Yoga Pradeepika) ,e-manual and certificate.

The fees exclude accommodation, food, additional reference books, Yoga Alliance Associate Teacher Level 1 registration fees and Dubai REPS Fees.

Refer to our Terms and Conditions for postponement and cancellation policy. Refer to Studio Etiquettes displayed on notice board and the web.

Special Promotion!

Early bird discount payment can be split in 2 payments of 70% and 30% each.

Promotion extended!!

Payment mode:

Credit card machine at Gems Of Yoga

Cash at Gems Of Yoga

Bank Transfer (email us for account details)*

Register online now!

For international students, payment can be made via international telegraphic transfer instead of credit card (please note that bank charges has to be borne by the participants)

Please email us at [email protected] for more details regarding bank transfer.

Recommended books to read:

  We use these 2  book for discussion in our classes apart from teaching notes.

This book offers a simple approach to understanding the practice of Hatha yoga.

Other reference books that we encourage students to read are:

Structural Yoga Therapy by Mukunda Stiles

Dharana Darshan  by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Chakras by Harish Johari

Pulse Reading by Vasant Lad

Any questions about the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course, please feel free to talk to master teacher.

Contact our yoga teacher at [email protected]

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